​​The Corporate Profile​​
A Plus Connects is an Innovative Business Solutions provider engaged in a diverse range of products and services endeavouring to focus on providing seamless customer centric service models. Our partnerships with local and global resource providers enable us to provide unparalleled, timely service. What really sets us apart is the customer service and experience we provide to our clients. In 2017, with the many partnerships the stake holders had brought in, ‘A Plus Connects’ was launched, connecting you, our customer, to this vast range of specialized, unique products and services, all under one roof.

The management team comes with solid experience in innovative building systems, technology products, IT, creative design & print production, marketing solutions, merchandizing & branding and our unique eco friendly, ‘go green' products & services. 

We wish to provide an opportunity to transform, enhance and enrich our client’s visibility. Our passion for service excellence is our service differentiator.

Our Vision
When brands and aspirations evolve, customers will continue to patronize a vendour with the best service and the best product range. 'A Plus Connects' will strive to be that Company and capture at least 10% market share in Countries represented. This vision has been inculcated into all product lines.

We believe that the speed at which a customer receives a response to their query plays a very important role in how the customer thinks about re-visiting that experience in the future. At 'A Plus Connects,' we have placed a lot of focus on making sure we deliver our promises.

Our goal is to position ourselves as a service leader. If we can get customers to associate our name with absolute best in class service, then we can expand further into other product categories beyond what we already cater to.

​Things are always out of norm at 'A Plus!' We intentionally employ unconventional methods and ways of thinking ahead. We think ‘out of the box’ for you, providing you with the best solution to your needs, always keeping budgets in mind. The relentless search for better answers continues to be at the core of everything we do.
Our Values
Our various local and global partnerships make our portfolio diverse, yet unique.

People are the heart of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress, working with our customers and partners to grow together and seek to win with integrity and fairness being convinced that by staying true to these commitments, we create value for our customers, always committed and striving to consistently improve the impact we make.

We stand by our values: passion for quality of product we deliver and the service model that we employ in providing that to you, respect for people and for the planet. A Plus is committed to being part of the conversation with consumers and we continue to unleash the power of our innovation, a core part of what we truly are.

​Our values represent what we stand for: We are 'A Plus Connects..,' connecting you with innovative business solutions.
The passion to be different, offer the customer something different, service the customer in a way that is different, separates us distinctly from the rest, branding us A+, 'A Plus Connects.'