Green News
A Plus is proud to be associated with Environment Ministries in Sri Lanka and the Dehiwala / Mount Lavinia Municipal Council on a 'Clean the Beach' campaign
Joins us and others in a campaign spearheaded by the Environment Ministries & Dehiwela / Mount Lavinia Municipal Council to clean up our beaches in this area. Any body interested to lend a helping hand or even know more information about this campaign, send us a message marked 'Save Our Selves' on our contact form.
Soon to launch, an A Plus initiative - Project 'LankaTrees'
Children today learn in school that we in Sri Lanka have lost 5/6th of our forests due to deforestation causing drastic climatic changes not only in our Island but at a global scale. The next generation has a very gloomy future if steps are not taken to rectify these changes and make amends in lifestyle that we all so take for granted. With an appoximate 22 million population out of which appoximately 5 million are children who are our next generation, A Plus is gearing up to launch a project called 'LankaTrees' where the objective is to plant and nurture 5 million trees in a period of 5 years. Please stay in touch with queries to our contact page marked 'LankaTrees,' for more infomation.